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Does Al-Qaeda “support” Emmanuel Macron?

On March 22, Twitter user @AudreyPatriote posted a screenshot of an article written in Arabic. The article includes a photo of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron. The Tweet reads: “Al-Qaeda has chosen its candidate and it is #Macron…”

The screenshot is from a February 27 article in the newspaper Al-Masra. This article focuses on Macron’s statements during a February visit to Algeria where he described colonization as a “crime against humanity.”

The article is titled: “One of the main candidates in the French presidential elections, in Algeria, described colonization as a ‘crime against humanity'”. The article focuses on the criticism Macron received for his statement from other French politicians.

Al-Masra is indeed affiliated with Al-Qaeda’s branch in the Arabian Peninsula. However, the content of this fact-based article in no way matches the Tweet’s claim that Al-Qaeda supports Macron’s bid for the French presidency.