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Is Henry de Lesquen a fictitious character?

In a video published on Monday 6th of March, the parody Twitter account Babor Lelefan claims that the far-right presidential candidate Henry de Lesquen does not exist and was created by an artist collective from Nantes in the west of France.

“Henry is called Didier, he is a nice, retired drama teacher who votes [presidential candidate Jean-Luc] Mélenchon” says the narrator – supposedly a “member of the collective behind the deception”.

Of course, this theory is far-fetched: the artist collectivefrom Nantes presented in the video is actually the Canadian band Walk Off The Earth. We can also easily show that the candidate does exist by looking up his name on the website – a directory of graduates from French Polytechnics [higher education institutions].

Asked by CrossCheck, Babor Lelefan, the author of the video, confirmed that he did not produce the video with any political objective. “I had been following him for a while, and I like to make people believe a fake fact is true. However, Henry de Lesquen’s remarks are so exaggerated that it is almost easy to believe the video”.

Henry de Lesquen confirmed that the video was not true on  Facebook and on Twitter, where he has a verified profile. He did not wish to reply to questions from CrossCheck.