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Insufficient Evidence

Did Front National supporters in the south of France receive anonymous threats?

No conclusion on the veracity of a threat allegedly received by Front National supporters in the south of France.

On the 1st of March, Antoine Baudino shared a photograph of an anonymous threat he claimed to have received on his Twitter account.

In his Tweet, Baudino claims that Front National (FN) supporters from the Gard region (south-west France)  received this threat. The language in the threat is aggressive, stating (in error-strewn French) : “Long live the Algerians. Get out of here. This district belongs to us. We will slit your throats. Dirty white race. Long live all Arabs. You’ll all get out of here”.

Baudino presents himself as a collaborator of the Front National parliamentarian Marion Maréchal-Le Pen, who is also the niece of the French presidential candidate Marine Le Pen.


Antoine Baudino tweeted with the photo:  “Message received by FN militants in the Gard. Hatred. The real sort” – insinuating that this was a proof of ‘anti-white racism’ often denounced by the Front National.

There is nothing in the image itself that allows us to authenticate the threat or when or where it was received.  When contacted, the Front National in the Gard declared they had no knowledge of this threat. This was also the reply of Yoann Gillet, the party secretary of the Front National’s regional branch in the Gard. He added: “If people say they received such as threat, I don’t see any reason not to believe them”.

Baudino’s tweet was deleted 48 hours after having been posted. He has not responded for requests for comment through Twitter.