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Is this an authentic 1958 newspaper story about the wife of Charles De Gaulle?

A front page story from the French newspaper L’Aurore, dating back to May 20, 1958, has spread on social networks in recent days. Titled “Revelations about Yvonne”, it describes an alleged scandal involving General Charles De Gaulle and his wife. The clearly fabricated story bears many resemblances to the current allegations against Penelope Fillon – wife of French presidential candidate François Fillon.

The Aurore story reports that Yvonne de Gaulle earned “200,000 French francs a month while in London between 1940 and 1944″. The article is full of references to the Penelope Fillon affair. The quotation at the top of the page (“Yvonne has always worked by my side”) echoes a statement made by François Fillon on January 26, 2017: “My wife has always worked alongside me”.

In the right hand column, a quote attributed to De Gaulle reads: “Just like in 1940, I will not give in, I will not surrender, I will not stand down!”. Francois Fillon used those words on the 1st of March 2017 during an announcement that he would maintain his candidacy despite the fake jobs scandal.

The real edition of this story can be found on the website Price Minister where it is currently on sale.

Beyond the colour discrepancies between the original and fake front page headlines, there are clear similarities between the two pages. The font used is similar, as are the three photographs at the centre of the page. The advertisements at the top and bottom remain unchanged, and the section “L’Aurore à ses lecteurs” has not been modified.

Several web users took the manipulated front page as additional proof of conspiracies against François Fillon.

(Translation: Who would believe this of the General de Gaulle…)