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Does Macron want to get rid of family allowances?

This « joke » was very successful on Facebook before being swiftly taken down. On April 26th the headline « Macron suppresses family allowances » appeared on the flashinfo (‘flash news’) website. En Marche’s candidate never actually proposed such a policy. The website’s name is misleading as it is not a media outlet. Rather it is a platform where users can devise jokes to play a « prank » on their « friends ».

If one reads past the title, one cannot but suspect that this is a joke. The rest of the article is filled with spelling errors, the candidate’s name is feminized as « Emmanuelle » Macron, and the « joke » has racist elements: « Macron announced today at his rally that family allowances will be removed from all North African families and the itinerant community because their caravan would not be a principal residence anymore », the author writes.

In any case, the former economy minister never proposed a suppression of family allowances. Such a policy is not in his programme.

If he wished to change anything in family allowances, it would be to increase the family quotient.