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Will Laurence Parisot be the next Prime minister of France if Emmanuel Macron is elected president ?

“International finance’s offensive is getting sharper”, the Facebook page of Breiz atao claimed at the beginning of an article entitled: “If Macron wins, Laurence Parisot, the former president of MEDEF [The “Movement of the Enterprises of France” – the largest employer federation] may get the role of Prime Minister“. In other words, En Marche’s candidate could have tapped up the former bosses’ boss for the role. This week, Mrs. Parisot indeed said she would be “ready” to help Emmanuel Macron, however, she also said that she had not had “any contact” with Macron about the prime minister’s office, and her candidacy was not well received in Macron’s team.

The Breton website, charged multiple times for inciting hatred or defamation, was partially removed from Google references in late March. According to an article in Marianne, which was reported by the radio station Europe 1, “in Emmanuel Macron’s circle, the former bosses’ boss insists on getting the Prime Minister’s position”. The weekly reminds Mrs Parisot she did want to hire Macron as MEDEF executive director back in 2006, and then asks about the possibility of her moving into Matignon [the prime minister’s office]. “I said, several times, I was available for things. I have experience, so I am credible. So, I can be ready”, was her answer.

The hypothesis is crippled by the secretary general of En Marche!, Richard Ferrand.

We are leading a campaign to gather and serve France, others are dreaming about their careers. Paltry, improper, vain.


Laurence Parisot took to Twitter to deflect from the article in Marianne. She noted that she had also told the weekly about the prime minister’s office that “At the moment, I don’t have any relationships with him or his team on this issue.”

Plain wrong, and I deny this in the article, even. No need to exaggerate something that doesn’t need to be.