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Is the list of Macron supporters shared on Facebook reliable ?

A video shared by Anonymous France seeks to portray Emmanuel Macron as a candidate from the establishment. Shared more than 17.000 times, it relies on questionable shortcuts.

The video was spotted by Les Échos. It was shared by Anonymous France, a page which falsely claims to be part of the Anonymous movement. The video starts with journalists presenting the En Marche ! candidate as an “anti-establishment” figure. A voice then names supposed Macron supporters, including established politicians and business leaders. However, it relies on several shortcuts.

The journalists’ quotations are taken out of context so that they appear to be praising Macron. The words “anti-system”, “brilliant” and “charming” are taken from Antonin André’s column on Europe 1. André was actually criticizing Macron’s “smart populism” : “In every election, there is an anti-system, brilliant, charming and popular candidate”.

The list of En Marche!’s political supporters is mainly true, but remains doubtful. The fact that Ismaël Emelien, the former right-hand man of Dominique Strauss-Kahn, joined the movement is the basis for suggesting that Strauss-Kahn himself supports Macron.

The list of Macron’s support from business leaders also relies on several rumors. Xavier Niel, Vincent Bolloré and Bernard Arnault have not officially supported Macron, but there are rumours that they would do.